In 2007, Stadiumred was founded by Claude Zdanow, a 19-year-old musician, engineer and serial entrepreneur who started his first business from his parents’ basement when he was just 14. While wrapping up a national music tour in the band Patent Pending, Claude had the bold idea to start a recording studio, arguably at the worst time in history to take on such an endeavour in New York City. With the help of friends and family, Claude rebuilt and transformed a space in Harlem that once was the recording studio of Jazz Pioneer Ornette Coleman. Stadiumred Studios opened its doors in September 2007.

Stadiumred Studios

In just 7 years, Stadiumred Studios transformed from a small, one-room recording space to one of the foremost music recording facilities in New York City. At its height, Stadiumred Studios was a 5-room recording facility responsible for producing multiple gold and platinum records by artists like Beyonce, Drake, Rihanna, and Yo-Yo Ma, and it served as home to world-class engineers and producers like Just Blaze, Tom Lazarus, Ryan West, and Omen. The studios were associated with over 30 Grammy Nominations and 22 Wins in genres ranging from Classical and EDM to Hip Hop and R&B. The studios closed in March of 2015.

And that was only the beginning. During the studio’s rapid growth, Claude launched a series of complementary businesses, which culminated with the creation of the restructured umbrella brand, the Stadiumred Group.

Stadiumred Music / Stadiumred Music Publishing

One of the key businesses, launched in 2009, was Stadiumred Music, the Group’s full-service Artist Development Company focused on being a true partner and incubator for an Artist's career. Stadiumred Music was at the forefront of the U.S.’s Electronic Dance Music craze when they signed Jeremy Carr as their first artist.

A top producing songwriter and international recording artist, Jeremy Carr had multiple Top-10 Hits in Europe at the time. His success catapulted Stadiumred Music into the EDM scene, giving the Company an advantage to begin working early on with acts such as Avicii and DJ Chuckie. In fact, Stadiumred Music launched the career of The Chainsmokers, who have had multiple chart-topping hits, including their debut single “Selfie”.

In 2014, after years of working with amazing musical talent, the Group restructured Stadiumred Music into a Music Publishing Company designed to meet the demand from major television networks, film studios, and content creators, who needed quality, current program music.

Stadiumred Life

Almost simultaneously with the launch of Stadiumred Music, came the launch of Stadiumred Life, the Group’s Marketing Company.

At its inception, Stadiumred Life was a live events Company founded around Claude’s relationships in the nightlife world and a need to build the Stadiumred brand organically into a lifestyle brand. Stadiumred Life achieved its first notable success in 2009 when Claude decided to bring Avicii to Stadiumred Studios to further the ongoing collaboration between Avicii and Jeremy Carr.

While Avicii was visiting, Claude had the foresight to secure Avicii’s first concert in the United States at Marquee Nightclub in New York City, sponsored by Puma. This was well before Marquee or anyone in New York was thinking about EDM or Dance music on the Popular music scale.

As times and industries change, so do companies. After a few years, Stadiumred Life grew into a full-service Marketing Agency, with Experiential, Public Relations, Social, Digital and Strategic services under one roof. Leveraging years of experience producing luxury music events in locations like the Hamptons and Miami, Stadiumred Life pivoted its Marketing and Events teams to service some of the top brands on the planet. Working with companies like Diageo, AB Inbev, BMW, Rolls-Royce, Xbox, and more, Stadiumred Life grew from its music industry roots into a powerful agency able to differentiate itself by its creativity and ability to develop long-standing partnerships.  .  

Stadiumred Europe & Beyond

Throughout Stadiumred's history, there has always been a common thread. Whether it was helping creatives, artists, or brands, Stadiumred's mission has alway been to help catalyze positive change in all those we work with. With that in mind, the Group's newest company called Stadiumred Europe aims to do the same. Targeting companies across the European Union, Stadiumred Europe builds a bridge between Europe and the USA to help launch or grow those companies in the USA by leveraging the Group's relationships and existing businesses.

Beyond its own ventures, the Stadiumred Group has begun extending its holdings by either partnering, acquiring, or investing into new businesses. Stadiumred looks to leverage its years of experience, existing business lines, and relationships to help catalyze positive change in the Companies it aligns with.